Let’s Work Together:

arranging & editing your existing belongings to make them look, feel, and work better
determining smart new pieces to add or elements to modify (furniture, lighting, rugs, window coverings, paint colors, and more)
envisioning and implementing a whole new decor scheme
enhancing the energy flow and feel of your home with feng shui
Whether you’ve got a blank slate, a house-full of furniture that needs a set of fresh eyes, or anything in between — together we’ll work magic and transform your experience of home.

New Client Session

$350 – 2 hours

We’ll create a vision for your home, explore and implement ideas, and document a detailed plan to serve as a “road map” for your space.

After that, I’m available to help a little or a lot to make your place more and more amazing.

Follow-up Help

$150 per hour
Packages available

If you are:

– stumped as to how to get your rooms to “work”, to come together or come alive
– wanting your home to be better — functionally, aesthetically, or energetically
– starting from scratch and needing help visioning and planning your new home
– combining households, downsizing, or in other life transitions
– ready to make new furniture purchases and wanting to get it right
– wanting a fresh look or feel and to get energy moving in your home and life.

It depends on you — your life, your home, your tastes, your budget, your goals. Together we’ll assess, plan and tackle all the ways to make your space wonderful, which may include:

– optimizing the space use and layout in your home
– bringing fresh eyes to your existing belongings (often making immediate changes)
– determining what wise new purchases would truly serve your space and fit your budget
– solving your day-to-day design dilemmas, like rug sizing, window treatments, storage, and lighting
– optimizing the flow of energy with a practical, intuitive consideration of essential feng shui wisdom
– choosing paint colors
– shopping for furniture and decor
– whatever is needed to make your space totally wonderful and totally you

We’re using vision, intention, and creative problem solving, in a framework of interior design, interior redesign, and feng shui. I bring in a literal toolbox as well — furniture sliders, art-hanging tools, color chips, a sketchbook, and a tablet for online shopping and show-and-tell.
My approach is a little different from traditional interior design. I do come with an interior design education and I utilize those concepts and principles, but I also incorporate the concepts of feng shui and of interior redesign. I work with all kinds of people and all kinds of budgets. I work collaboratively with you to envision your space, determine the layout and pieces to make it come together, and make a plan for action. You get a lot of practical and inspired ideas, hands-on design, and useful direction in a short amount of time.
I frequently incorporate the resourceful techniques of “interior redesign”, seeking to improve the use of your existing belongings before suggesting new purchases. I come prepared to move furniture around until it works, re-hang art for maximum impact, arrange your treasures so they can be truly appreciated, and do whatever it takes to make your space truly amazing and totally you. Only then do I thoughtfully recommend adding smart and meaningful new pieces.
I integrate the principles of feng shui in an intuitive, grounded, and artful style. At its essence, feng shui is simply a way to understand how the arrangement of forms in an environment affects energy flow and how this affects life, and it looks to nature as the ideal teacher of these principles. I studied at the Blue Mountain Feng Shui institute under Master Shantung Hsu to acquire a practical and universal (read: non woo-woo) approach to working with this ancient wisdom.
After our first design session together, I am available to further assist in the creation of your space in whatever ways I can, as little or as much as you desire. This may include: additional research and design, creation of floor plans and design concepts, shopping or shopping support, coordination and installation, selection of paint colors and other finishes, fine-tuning, and acting as a design coach.
As relates to our work together, my style is your style — curated. I’ll help you identify your style and design preferences (whatever they are) and then guide you to what elements work best together in your space. I want you to be thrilled with your home, and to feel that it reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle — not mine. It’s your home!

As relates to my own home, I tend toward a super eclectic mix of organic modern & bohemian. Warm wood, crisp neutrals, with pops of colorful modern art, global patterns and rich textures.

Payment in cash, check, or via Venmo or Paypal. I request 24 hours notice for cancellations. Gift certificates available. I love to come to your home, but small travel fees may apply if you’re outside of the immediate Seattle area.

“Gwen brought in a whole new perspective on what was possible in my space.”
“Our home became comfortable and beautiful almost instantly.”
“She walked into my apartment and knew right away exactly what was off and affecting the space.”
“We have watched our home transform from cluttered to lovely – and our faces from frowns to glee.”
“She made my home so much more open, so uncluttered, so inviting, and so full of light.”
“I was skeptical about feng shui before, but now I can actually feel the difference.”
“Gwen has a brilliant eye, and an ability to find the heart of your home and make it shine.”
“She figured out the nagging problem of furniture arrangement that we had played with for 6+ years.”
“What I loved best about what she did was the way the space felt when she was done.”
“I was thrilled to notice a very tangible difference on the quality and creativity of my work.”
“You’d be surprised what treasures you already own and how she will reveal them!”
“She has a methodical way of going through each design aspect of the room you would like to update.”
“She organized and hung my art so that it totally lit up the space.”